Congratulations to our 2019 N2K Winners!

This year we received numerous entries in the National Number Knockout Contest. Quite frankly, these entries were absolutely outstanding. The hard work and effort of each student and parent was evident in every entry we received.

Our team of judges poured countless hours into watching every single video. We carefully noted each problem, we listened intently for how the student solved the board, and we awarded points for each correct problem we could clearly hear. We were dazzled by the problem solving and creativity we encountered.

The following students will be joining us for the 2019 National Number Knockout competition, which will take place May 1st, 2019 aboard Carnival’s Liberty Cruise Ship.

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Interested in Playing?

Rules for the 2020 competition will be released in early June and the 2020 Scouting board will be released in early February. In the meantime, break out those dice and practice on our 2019 N2K Scouting Board. Interested students and parents must familiarize themselves with our How to Play Guide. For reference, please download the free 2019 Rule Book. For more information about submitting a Scouting Video, please visit our National Number Knockout Scouting page.

How to Play Guide2019 Rule Book

Featured Entries


Hannah Epp


Debbie Christie

Victoria Olabode

Tolu Olabode


Kimberly Knapp

Arkansas _Smith_J

Dionne Smith


Jane Oh

What is N2K?

National Number Knockout is a nationwide math competition for students, ages 10-14, that culminates in a national championship for 16 finalists on a cruise and a chance to win $10,000. Students interested in entering the National Number Knockout competition must submit a scouting video by February 24th. This year’s Scouting Board will be announced to Prime Advantage members on February 1st and to the general public on February 8th. Prime Advantage membership can be purchased until January 31st. For complete rules on how to submit a video and enter the 2019 National Number Knockout contest, please visit the Scouting Videos page on the main National Number Knockout website.